Vale: Denise Eastick.

Good afternoon all,


Well I certainly don’t want to send this email at all,  I have just been informed that Denise passed away in hospital a few hours ago.   As you all know by the past emails that she has been very sick but I for one was hoping that she would pull through it and she would be back at bowls with her regular Bacardi and coke sitting at the table having a laugh.  It will not be the same with Denise being there, I will always have the best of thoughts about Denise, she was so welcoming when I joined the club, gave me a lot of tips on playing bowls but I still couldn’t get down low enough for her,  but I will work on it.

She has always been the face of HP during pennant matches and social matches at many other clubs other than HP, I am sure they will all join with us in remembering her as a woman who never stood any nonsense but had a heart of gold.

Denise you will be sorely missed by all of us, RIP

I will let you all know about the funeral details when I find out.

Regards Val Simpson